Your Car is Not a Portable Dumpster

When you have unwanted items and do not know what to do with them, contact rubbish removal Northern Beaches for assistance. Considering just how important a car is to most people, whether for the convenience of getting from place to place, the bragging rights, or the sheer amount of money spent to purchase and then maintain a vehicle – isn’t it amazing how most cars resemble either, a rubbish dump, or a junk shop? Here is a revelation for you: your car is not a portable dumpster.

Food wrappers, dropped food, coffee cups, shoes, tools, toys, school books, CDs, pens, coins and anything else lazily dumped in the back. I think a motor vehicle is the only place that people will happily sit in amongst their own rubbish. Well, you wouldn’t do it inside your own house would you? Of course not! This is because we are all, generally, trained from an early age to pick up after ourselves. In our cars however, normal rules of civilization don’t appear to count.

When you have kids, well, yeah, that is different. It’s easy to get tired of collecting everything they have dropped, considering the next time they get in there, the same thing will happen – probably up until the age of 35. So really, that’s what it’s all about. This rubbish, which we know will take all of 1 min. to clear up – is in the car.

When you get home from whatever trip – you close the doors and walk away from it, close the garage door, too, so now you can’t even see the car, and retire inside your nice clean and tidy house. Also, this “out-of-site-out-of-mind” attitude, is often sub-consciously justified, by the sure knowledge that you are not about to invite guests to “come and have a look at my filthy car”. Then again, you may live in a pig-pen, so the transition from car to house will make no noticeable impression upon you.

Whether your car is in fact a pig-pen, or immaculate enough to eat off the floor, there will be items in there that are unnecessary for day to day driving. Do you really need 123 CDs? How about that umbrella that languishes on the floor in the rear, which you never use? Well, face it, this is why you have the car in the first place – so that you don’t have to walk any great distances, rain or no.

Not only is this, in some cases a bio-hazard, but moreover a danger to life and limb. As you travel in your car, at any speed, so too is all that crap. If you have the misfortune to crash into something, all that detritus will continue to travel at the same speed you were just doing and become life threatening missiles, only coming to rest when encountering an immovable object – which could very well be the back of your head.

Imagine, a fine piece of forged steel, maybe a spanner, possibly a set of screwdrivers if not an entire tool-box, hurtling from the rear of the car at 100kmh, in your general direction. Anything which is not nailed down, becomes a potential threat. This includes any pets you have in the vehicle at the time that are not restrained, as in have their own seat-belts. Your pet may not be very big, however, Fido, or Fluffy, travelling at anywhere from 60 to 100 is a different matter entirely.

I had an interesting experience not that long ago. Cruising at 120 with all the windows down, created some kind of vortex inside the car, whipping up one of those plastic shopping bags – which after having tried to wrap itself around my head, finally settled on adhering itself to the inside of the windscreen. Luckily, I am not prone to panic and it was but a moment to remedy the situation. However, I have known quite a few people who would have had difficulty with this situation – and quite possibly caused an accident through panic.

If the inside of your car can be declared as an archaeological dig, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Get organised. It won’t take up too much of your time. Get a CD rack. Put small rubbish bags behind each seat. Remove anything which does not belong in the car and put it where it does belong. Tools to the shed or garage; clothes back in the house; toys back in the kids rooms; newspapers, magazines, etc, read ’em or chuck ’em.

If you have maintenance type tools for the car, put them in a toolbox – in the trunk. Manuals and important vehicle documents – put them in the glove-box. Every time you have been on an extended trip, take an entire 60 seconds when you get home to replace the rubbish-bags, pick up discarded clothes, etc.

Your car is not a portable dumpster, remember the old adage “tidy house, tidy mind”, if you live in a mess your mind is probably a bit disorganised, too.

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