The Power of Working With Drawing Groups

Well there is no surprise to see the absolute explosion of group buying websites across the world right now when you consider the amazing buyout offer from Google for the current world leader in the market, Groupon, which was rejected.

To make it more of an exciting dilemma, the offer rejected was reportedly to be six billion US dollars. Not bad going for a company less than 3 years old.

Group buying or daily deals type websites are springing up with the fresh excitement of a new dot com boom. With the benefits for all involved being a truly win-win-win, you can see why.

For starters, the consumer loves these types of daily deals as there is usually a substantial discount involved acting as an irresistible enticement. When fueled by the social media interaction that these deals are producing, they often sell out fast.

The merchants are equally as excited when for some they are investing in advertising that is actually producing results that are tangible. With the no customer no charge easy in method, it’s no hard pill to swallow when it comes to seeing why some of these sites have merchants lining up and waiting 6 months or more to get it for their share of the frenzied market chomping down these daily deals.

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Now the website owners who come in to pull both of these parties together are also doing rather well, remember Groupon, well the actual business model dictates that it is daily deals and that is main reason for the bottleneck and having to wait your turn. So it is no surprise that anyone with a long enough email list, ezine or customer list is not going to wait before giving the group buying model a spin around the park.

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