Things You Should Know Before Becoming an Animator

A concept board, therefore, can be described as the direction that the project will take according to the client brief. From the house of multimedia & animation course in Delhi, we’ve brought this article for you. Here in this article, we are going to share with you a lot of things about the animation industry and a career that you need to know. Here is the list of the things that will surely help you in your animation journey.

1. Know your story

Before starting, the foremost thing you should do is, know the story of the video that you’re going to prepare. If you want to dive into the animation career, then you should know that every story starts with a concept. You need to write out everything to understand where to start from. If you start the video making before understanding the story, then you would have to make the last minute changes to the story.

2. Know your characters

Don’t just draw a quick sketch of your characters. Draw them full from different angles. Draw them moving, walking, running, speaking, crying, eating, etc. Draw the finest details, like expressions, tattoos, piercing, jewellery, clothes, hair colour, etc. This will help you during the animation process. You can finalize the video without changes if you will complete the character sketching and story creation before.

3. Plan your scenes

There are several different scenes in an animated video that you need to plan before. Deeply look at your story or script and identify the requirement of every scene – identify which character you need, what background you need and the kind of music and voice. Mark where the one scene of the video ends and the next scene begins. Create a storyboard and scenes with every detail like colour, actions of characters, effects, etc.

4. Keep patience

Animation is hard and it takes a lot of time to animate all the characters with a perfect storyboard to create a beautiful animated video. So, you need to have patience as well as motivation to inspire yourself that you’re going to create a masterpiece. Animation is not a race to finish line. You need to take different steps at a time to keep things simple and trust me, the concept will start to make sense.