The 5 Biggest SEO Mistakes We Have Seen

Losing Control Of The Content

A lot of SEO advice talks about “controlling your content.” But if you control the content, you lose SEO. If you have an opinion, it won’t be Google’s opinion, so it won’t show up in search results. What separates freelance seo expert from similar consultants and hiring websites is the process I use to scale companies.

If you are a brand, maybe that’s not so bad. If you are just an ecommerce site trying to sell stuff, though, it’s a disaster.

The reason is that Google is very smart at figuring out what people want to see. It knows that if everyone else has the same page at the top of search results for a given keyword, those are probably the best pages to show there. So your job as an SEO is to make sure your pages don’t look like they are completely controlled by Google.

Your job as an SEO is to make sure your pages don’t look like they are completely controlled by Google. This means making sure there is some real content on the page – not just keywords and links – and also making sure there is some stuff on the page that doesn’t match search terms at all. Google won’t know what the page is about if it only talks about what you want it to talk about.

Not Dupe Checking the Sites

Duplicate Content is when the same content is found on multiple pages. This can be done for a number of reasons, including the fact that many times duplicate content is actually preferred by Google over unique content. Not all duplicate content is bad, but it can be.

Over Stuffing the Template

The previous articles have focused on the ways in which search engines are imperfect, but this article will focus on the other side of the coin. That is, SEO mistakes that are not due to search engine imperfections, but rather due to SEO practitioners making mistakes.

The mistake that I will be covering in this article is over stuffing the template in SEO. This is something that I often come across when I am auditing websites for SEO errors, and it tends to rank right up there with duplicate content.

Poor Article Writing

Article writing is also a strategy to improve your search engine optimization. If you are able to write an article that is considered one of the best on a certain topic, then you can do well for yourself by investing time in writing about that topic. The benefit of writing articles is that you build backlinks to your site, which improves your search engine ranking.

Writing articles for SEO benefits your site’s ranking in the search engines by providing more content for the search engines to index. This content should be original and relevant to your site, which will help it to rank higher. You can use your articles as backlinks, which will also improve the overall ranking of your site. Article directories are another popular way of using articles for SEO purposes. These directories allow you to submit an article, which is then published on their website. This can provide more exposure for your site, but it could potentially be seen as spammy because the article might not be related to the site it is posted on.

Search engines are not stupid; they are constantly trying to find ways of improving their service for their users. As a result, they have started creating algorithms that look for signs of spamming or other manipulative behavior when determining how to rank a page in their results.

Content That Is Not Relevant to Other Search Engines Used By Visitors i.e Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc

Over time, the content of websites changes, and this is also true for the pages within a site. If you are trying to optimise your site to appear in the search results of the major search engines, but you do not want to risk losing visitors due to poor content or low quality, then you can still achieve good search engine rankings without making changes to your existing site.
The best way to ensure that your site receives high rankings with minimal changes is to ensure that each page of your website has some unique content that is relevant only to specific search engines. By doing this, you will help the search engine spiders better understand your site and rank it higher.
The first step towards achieving this goal is to understand what content on your website is relevant only to specific search engines. This will help you decide on an approach for increasing traffic without losing visitors.

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