Simple Truths About Surfing and Earning Money Online Now

Surfing app is really exciting because of the unbridled action seen in your mobile, moving toward big waves and conquering fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of being hurt or eaten and the fear of being really good or bad at it. Talking about surfing gets the blood pumping, it’s free, it’s fun and the excitement and movement is what keeps it fresh. The adventure of just being in the ocean is enough sometimes. It is the activity of surfing that brings the deep love of the ocean and the waves.

It is this same love of the Internet that brings an excitement to earning money online. It is just like the ocean, wave after wave of excitement and opportunity. Waves of success are meeting expectations as well as the doom of wiping out. Where else can it feel as though being eaten up from the competition or doing well is as prominent as it is on the internet. Certainly, it is the activity of the internet that makes it so exciting. Positivity, adventurous movement and the challenge of overcoming adversity is as fresh and titillating as the ocean can be.

When the first time comes to go surfing, it can be very difficult. There is staying on the board while you learn how to paddle. Just a little wax can help, but still, there is learning to ride the ocean. It is moving, alive with life and activity. There is peace in every little movement mastered by balance and agility. Movements meshed with the ocean, not fighting Mother Ocean, but blending with her. Flowing with the ocean is something very special and it alone can make surfing possible and easy. `When the time comes, that paddling has become fluid and strong, strength becomes your ally. Then it’s time to paddle outside of the “break water” and find a bigger wave; actually, a much bigger wave.

So it is with the internet, it can also be very hard to understand what activity needs to be done to rise to the occasion. At first it is difficult to navigate the waters. Just learning how to paddle can be a major accomplishment. If mentoring is available, it’s worth its weight in gold. The internet is constantly changing and developing with use. It requires the constant attention and practice to become skilled. When trying to master the challenges, there are plenty of strategies and systems that can make it something manageable. Once mastery and the understanding of this knowledge are conquered, it is time to go looking for the “big one”. It is time to start paddling out for that much larger wave of success.

At first, sitting there quietly is kind of frustrating because it is so calm on the outside of the break. But, as time goes by, the frustration turns into peaceful vigilance. Watching the horizon for a long time, finally a glimmer turns into a line, which turns into a mountain of water that plants the seed of hope for riding this new challenge successfully. Turning toward shore those once unsure paddling movements become power packed, sweeping motions gracefully deployed. Now, the rear of the board starts to lift from the back, paddling harder and arching the back, the board gains momentum. In the half second it takes to stand up, standing bent-kneed on the board, on the face of the wave, wavering but standing; success!

This is a reminder that the internet can lull away much of the original excitement of starting an internet business online from home. But, with work, commitment and persistence finally the time comes when that level of desire starts to payoff. What once seemed to be an unattainable goal is now coming into view. Making preparations this whole time now pays off as the strategies and systems take shape. Now, the final push to make all the ends come together, are harnessed and released. As a wave of success pushing the business in great abundance floods the senses, it becomes clear how much wealth can be attained.

It’s the moment in every surfer’s life when the love of the sport exudes itself the “drop in”. Now the speed increases and the virtual dance with the wave begins. Dodging in and out, up and down and yes even sometimes through the barrel. Most especially, until the wave has been conquered and beaten, does the full excitement reach the pinnacle. Then the paddle begins again and again and again…

The love for attaining excitement, success, wealth, health and fulfillment can be measured both with surfing and earning money online. The time it takes to do either is well worth the work and commitment it takes to become a master of it. Now, life has offered all a way to become masters. What will be the next step that creates abundance? Come do what needs to be done by earning money online now!

AJ McNitt is an Online Internet mentor teaching how to create a business on the Internet. Business mentoring is part of an ongoing desire to help people succeed. As a Small Business Networking Specialist, AJ McNitt is qualified and certified to help all who are looking for this service. His series of free articles are given to uplift and mentor. If there is a desire to ask questions or ask for advice AJ can be reached at 619-339-8973 or go directly to his website at:

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