Pilates for Stretching and Toning the Muscles

Founded by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Exercise Method is one of the most popular fitness trends today. Pilates is an exercise method that combines different body movements that will strengthen, stretch, and control the muscles and body. It uses breathing, concentration, and core exercises to accomplish these goals. KX Pilates dee why is an addictive workout that gives you real results.

The Pilates Method of Exercise seeks to improve the over-all health and well-being of its participants. The mind works in conjunction with the muscles to strengthen the back and abdomen, or core muscles and increase flexibility there. Another benefit is that it increases lung capacity, because exercises incorporate deep breathing while exercising.

For many years, it has been gathering the momentum of increases popularity. The rich and famous seem to be drawn to the Pilates Method, with Marissa Tomei, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Roberts, among others who are practicing and loving the Pilates Method. So, why are so many people turning to Pilates to get fit? If there are so many famous people and others using it, Pilates must have some great benefits.

There are a couple of different ways to exercise using this Method. One way involves primarily the floor exercises, which are less expensive and more convenient than conventional classes. The only equipment needed to practice the floor exercises is a floor mat and a trainer or video. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, then you need to go with the video option. There are many reliable video programs available now with certified Pilates instructors doing the teaching. Be cautious when working without a trainer because the Pilates exercises could cause injury if done improperly.

The other way to exercise is to join a gym that has Pilates machines and equipment and regular classes and certified instructors on staff. These types of gyms usually involve some sort of membership with monthly or yearly fees.

Whichever way you choose to exercise using the Pilates Method, you need to be comfortable, so wear light clothes, such as tights and a tank top. You should stay focused when the instructor teaches you how to breath and move properly. There is no way to accomplish your goals if you do not stay focused and disciplined enough to do the exercises the right way.

Any participant should begin the program with the simplest of routines, working his way up to more advanced and complex routines. Using this method, you will be less likely to suffer an injury while exercising.

The Pilates Method of Exercise focus mainly on increasing strength and flexibility, so two 50 minute sessions only burn about 250 calories. Therefore, you need to combine Pilates with some sort of cardiovascular exercises, like fast walking or swimming, that will burn more calories for optimum health.

You shouldn’t join the Pilates Method of Exercise just because it’s the popular thing to do. If you participate for those reasons, you will fail to achieve any long-term fitness goals. However, if you stick with the program and stay focused, it will help you by conditioning your muscles and mind. You will soon began to see subtle changes in your muscle tone and flexibility, which will make your daily tasks easier, your body stronger, and your mind calmer. The Pilates Method of Exercise is a great workout with many benefits for anyone. However reformer pilates Northern Beaches will be right there once your are injured.

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