Pilates – A Great Exercise For Arthritis Sufferers

Pilates instructor course will actually introduce to you a new physical fitness system. Joseph Pilates was the person who started it in Germany in the beginning of the 20th century. Now it is spread all over the world. Joseph H. Pilates worked on the theme of focus, accuracy, control, deep breathing and flowing movements. This method is based on contrology that means as mind controls all functions of body it also controls muscles and by empowering the link between mind and muscles through Pilate’s physical fitness can be attained.

Flexibility, strength and stamina building are the focusing points of Pilates. In the beginning these were the treatment of patients that can not move as the founder being nurse, practiced these on patients of World War 1 but after that become popular among the dancers, gymnasts, stunt men and actors of films. Now it is founded an effective cure for the patients of arthritis.

Pilates and Arthritis

Arthritis is diseases of joints in the body. That may be in the form of stiffness, pain or swelling in the joints. There are different rheumatic conditions from minor pains to severe complications that can take a person even up to death. The main types of arthritis are of backbone, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and other joint pains. These pains become barrier in the way of a healthy routine life. People go through these suffering for a long time assuming that these pains can not leave them. Pilates exercises can help these people to decrease their suffering in ten sessions or less.

Pilates exercises make link between mind and body strong. It is strange that we neglect our pains until they become so severe that daily routine activities become difficult. Pain killers are not a constant solution of these pains as pains come back again and again until a solid treatment is done. Even after surgery they face the same problem. Now people have recognized the effects of these exercises. The main reasons are tight knots and activate points. With Pilate’s exercises you can easily through away these problems because pilates is a great exercise for arthritis sufferers. You have the choice as Pilates include mat exercises and exercises with instruments.

Why Experts for Effective Results

You can not start these exercises without having training from some expert or under the supervision of experts if you want the accurate and hundred percent results. Without learning the basics you may cause damage to your muscles. These exercises are for special points so with manual guidelines and training videos you can start them but it is advised to start it under supervision of instructor.

Every joint in our body has specific angles so for each joint pain there is a specific exercise that is fully different from the other joint. Spiky ball type soft apparatus is also used for this purpose. The exercise effective for backbone is not effective for neck pain. Only the expert can guide you the exact type and procedure of exercise that can help you to get relief from these unwanted pains.

Deep breathing and concentration during these exercises increases the mind power and automatically weak links of the body are activated. Pilates concentrate on deeper and core muscles to activate effective body movements. So it is especially found effective for arthritis.