How to Grab the Attention of Visitors?

It’s not anymore the “keywords” that drive the SEO. Social and professional networking sites are increasingly used to popularize websites. Yes, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to increase traffic to your site that too without spending money, but how to use them effectively to grab the attention of visitors? A business-related user name, an interesting profile, wide impressive network, useful links, customized URL in the profile, regular posts, reply to feedback and updates are some of the few simple things you have to incorporate to promote your site.

Here are few tips to help you optimize the benefits offered:

Your user name says it all. Select a user name related to your business to target the customers. For instance, if you are in SEO Marketing Company, choose names such as SEO Marketing Company Expert or SEO Marketing Services Company. This way, your user name will appear in searches people make.

Your profile should be interesting for the visitor to visit the links you post in them. You should make use of the all the features in these sites such as posting videos and adding links to evince interest in your site. Vice versa post links of your social networking account in your website.

Most of the social networking sites provide the option to customize the URLs. Provide the URL in your profile. Widen your network by sending invite to friends, relatives, coworkers and other acquaintances. Find people having similar interests and invite them.

Start a group related to your business and invite people to join it to get targeted visitors. Be active and interactive. Accept feedback and reply to posts. Update with new products, services, promos, videos, photos, news tit bits and interesting links. All the great personalities including Hollywood and business tycoons have an account in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Who knows one or many of them may become your customers and attract more followers to your site? So why not cash in on these sites and attract the visitors to your site as they are really a powerful tool to promote your site. Click here our seo packages Sydney that can attract more visitors in your website.