Good Nutrition During Pregnancy Is Essential for a Woman and Developing Baby’s Health

Your body and emotions change during pregnancy

Pregnancy creates changes in a woman’s body that are both physiological and emotional. Coping with those changes during a nine month period can be difficult. Understanding that maintaining a healthy diet and maintaining nutrition in pregnancy goes a long way towards helping the body, and the mind. Healthy lifestyle practices and knowledge of basic sexual reproduction can help couples on how to get pregnant.

The myth of eating for two

The most common myth about pregnancy is that a mother is eating for two. While that may be technically correct, it is not necessary to double the intake of calories during that time. To maintain a proper balance of nutrition in pregnancy, an increase of 300 calories per day is the accepted limit.

A balanced diet is essential for health during pregnancy

Another myth about how to eat during pregnancy is a high-protein diet. While protein is important to you and your baby, an overabundance can also be harmful. A proper mix of protein, vitamin B, carbohydrates and other element are essential for the correct nutrition in pregnancy.

Vitamins rich in folic acid are important

Folic acid is very important during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Many multi-vitamins have the proper daily allowance of folic acid, helping with the baby’s early development of its brain and spinal cord. When looking for nutrition in pregnancy, every woman should be taking vitamins rich with folic acid, commonly found in B complex vitamins.

The myth that vitamins are more important than what you eat

Many mothers believe that loading up on vitamins are more important during pregnancy than what they eat. That’s another myth. A healthy mix of both is strongly recommended. Vitamins are meant only to supplement, not to substitute. Nutrition in pregnancy means watching your diet and supplementing your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients.

Wise diet choices are the key for a mother and developing baby’s health

Every woman during pregnancy should be consulting with their primary health care provider in order to determine the proper course of action regarding nutrition in pregnancy. Wise choices with your regular diet, combined with recommended nutrients will help ensure the long-term health of both you and your baby.

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