Exercises to Lose Weight – Easy, Effortless and Fun

Reformer pilates Manly can help you tone your arms, legs and core whilst improving posture and flexibility. Walking is the best known exercise that requires the least amount of effort but there is yet another fun and easy to do activity that is much less talked about. The benefits it brings are huge, from eliminating undue stress and strengthening every cell in the body to shedding unwanted fat and weight.

This activity is a dream come true for all of us who struggle with lack of time to travel to a gym, lack of space to devote to complex and bulky fitness machines and quite frankly for those of us without the willingness to exert our bodies with strenuous movements.

A healthy diet will always be a must for a sustained weight loss and balanced diet menu should be a goal to achieve for any athlete. But whether you are an athlete needing to keep your body strong or a person who wants to lose weight or maintain it,  there is a great exercise which will benefit everybody. 

It requires a small tool or equipment which is generally known as mini trampoline, the proper name of which is a rebounder.  This tool is generally considered a fun devise for kids to jump on. Not everybody would think of it as being a very useful, easy to use and fun thing that it really is. Before you dismiss it out of your mind and start looking for something else, please consider reading on until the end of this short article.

If rebounder exercise was a little more complicated or caused more discomfort it would probably be more popular. In a world of torturing, time consuming exercise programs the simplicity of the physical requirements you need to keep in shape will shock you. Good benefits can be derived even by doing nothing but sitting on the rebounder while another person is jumping on it. This is very useful for incapacitated people to get their work out just by being present.

For healthy people the ease of obtaining huge exercise benefits by doing next to nothing is stunning. Just by gently rocking up and down on the rebounder mat, without your feet ever leaving the mat surface, every muscle and every cell in your body will receive exercise which will benefit and strengthen them. This is very exciting and significant. Instinctively and intuitively children know this without realizing it. They love to jump on a sofa or a bed just for fun.

What is the great benefit of this kind of rebounding exercise? While vertically moving up and down there are three forces at play exerting pressure on every muscle and cell in our body and thus exercising them. These forces are: the force of gravity, the force of acceleration  and the force of deceleration. The common denominator of all exercises is opposition to the gravitational pull of the earth.

On a rebounder when moving up and down the 1G force which is there by just standing still will be increased by adding acceleration as you move up and by adding deceleration at the bottom of the bounce. Even if your feet never leave the mat as you gently rock up and down the G force will thus be increased by 25 per cent. When you get beyond this incredibly gentle and effortless exercise and allow your feet to leave the mat the G force increase that your body will be exercised with will go up markedly.

Bouncing on a rebounder stresses and thus exercises every cell over and over about one hundred times per minute. Every cell will begin to adjust to a greater G force and in that manner will become stronger. You may ask yourself why oppose gravity and thus exercise with only one part of your body, which happens when you do push ups, pull ups, leg lifts and so on, when you are able to oppose gravity increased by acceleration and deceleration with every part of your body.

You can exercise every part of your body simply by using a rebounder. To start with it won’t feel like exercise at all. It is great fun to do while listening to music. Do it just for the length of one song and you’ll benefit immensely already. Start slow and with short time intervals. Gradually increase the time and jump height as you get stronger. Effortless exercise can be yours and you will have a rebounder exercise fun.

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There is a never ending quest for health and a simple and true path to it. There are many questions we have and even more conflicting answers. The growing numbers of people with a weight problem is alarming. Find an open-minded approach to finding solutions regarding healthy diet, exercise, weight loss and anything that may help you keep in good shape and health. Sometimes even one point we overlooked for a long time may improve our condition when implemented.

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