Your Car is Not a Portable Dumpster

When you have unwanted items and do not know what to do with them, contact rubbish removal Northern Beaches for assistance. Considering just how important a car is to most people, whether for the convenience of getting from place to place, the bragging rights, or the sheer amount of money spent to purchase and then maintain a vehicle – isn’t it amazing how most cars resemble either, a rubbish dump, or a junk shop? Here is a revelation for you: your car is not a portable dumpster.

Food wrappers, dropped food, coffee cups, shoes, tools, toys, school books, CDs, pens, coins and anything else lazily dumped in the back. I think a motor vehicle is the only place that people will happily sit in amongst their own rubbish. Well, you wouldn’t do it inside your own house would you? Of course not! This is because we are all, generally, trained from an early age to pick up after ourselves. In our cars however, normal rules of civilization don’t appear to count.

When you have kids, well, yeah, that is different. It’s easy to get tired of collecting everything they have dropped, considering the next time they get in there, the same thing will happen – probably up until the age of 35. So really, that’s what it’s all about. This rubbish, which we know will take all of 1 min. to clear up – is in the car.

When you get home from whatever trip – you close the doors and walk away from it, close the garage door, too, so now you can’t even see the car, and retire inside your nice clean and tidy house. Also, this “out-of-site-out-of-mind” attitude, is often sub-consciously justified, by the sure knowledge that you are not about to invite guests to “come and have a look at my filthy car”. Then again, you may live in a pig-pen, so the transition from car to house will make no noticeable impression upon you.

Whether your car is in fact a pig-pen, or immaculate enough to eat off the floor, there will be items in there that are unnecessary for day to day driving. Do you really need 123 CDs? How about that umbrella that languishes on the floor in the rear, which you never use? Well, face it, this is why you have the car in the first place – so that you don’t have to walk any great distances, rain or no.

Not only is this, in some cases a bio-hazard, but moreover a danger to life and limb. As you travel in your car, at any speed, so too is all that crap. If you have the misfortune to crash into something, all that detritus will continue to travel at the same speed you were just doing and become life threatening missiles, only coming to rest when encountering an immovable object – which could very well be the back of your head.

Imagine, a fine piece of forged steel, maybe a spanner, possibly a set of screwdrivers if not an entire tool-box, hurtling from the rear of the car at 100kmh, in your general direction. Anything which is not nailed down, becomes a potential threat. This includes any pets you have in the vehicle at the time that are not restrained, as in have their own seat-belts. Your pet may not be very big, however, Fido, or Fluffy, travelling at anywhere from 60 to 100 is a different matter entirely.

I had an interesting experience not that long ago. Cruising at 120 with all the windows down, created some kind of vortex inside the car, whipping up one of those plastic shopping bags – which after having tried to wrap itself around my head, finally settled on adhering itself to the inside of the windscreen. Luckily, I am not prone to panic and it was but a moment to remedy the situation. However, I have known quite a few people who would have had difficulty with this situation – and quite possibly caused an accident through panic.

If the inside of your car can be declared as an archaeological dig, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Get organised. It won’t take up too much of your time. Get a CD rack. Put small rubbish bags behind each seat. Remove anything which does not belong in the car and put it where it does belong. Tools to the shed or garage; clothes back in the house; toys back in the kids rooms; newspapers, magazines, etc, read ’em or chuck ’em.

If you have maintenance type tools for the car, put them in a toolbox – in the trunk. Manuals and important vehicle documents – put them in the glove-box. Every time you have been on an extended trip, take an entire 60 seconds when you get home to replace the rubbish-bags, pick up discarded clothes, etc.

Your car is not a portable dumpster, remember the old adage “tidy house, tidy mind”, if you live in a mess your mind is probably a bit disorganised, too.

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Convert to Solar Power in 4 Easy Steps

Electrician Brisbane Southside maintain their good reputation over the years so we also reward them with their good service. For many, the desire to convert to solar power is there. With monthly power bills increasing year-over-year and our lifestyles being tied to that power supply coming into our home, many feel as though they are slaves to the power companies. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with the current state of solar technology, converting to solar power is easier now than it ever has been before.

Of course the easiest way to convert to solar energy is to hire a professional. But, it’s also the most expensive. The least expensive way to make use of solar energy is by building the solar panels yourself.

By choosing to build your own solar power system, the costs of this renewable energy source are greatly reduced, and it makes it simple for anyone to convert to solar power. With four easy steps you can be on your way to making use of Green Energy, and if you build your solar power system correctly its life expectancy is 30 to 40 years.

Step 1 – Reduce Your Energy Requirements

Before making the decision to convert to solar power it is suggested that you first work to reduce your energy requirements. The less power you need to keep your home running, the lower your initial installation costs will be. There are many simple ways to reduce the amount of electricity you use.

For example switching to LCD lighting could reduce the amount of electricity required to light your home. A 100 Watt incandescent bulb uses 100 Watts of electricity per hour. On the other hand a 3.5 Watt LCD bulb will produce the same amount of light.

There are other simple things you can do as well. Adding in a solar water heater to your current electric hot water heater can reduce the amount of power needed to heat the water for your home. Changing that 10 year old fridge or dishwasher for newer, more energy efficient models, is also a simple way to lower your power requirements.

Simply taking a few steps ahead of time may cut your power needs by as much as 50%.

Step 2 – Decide on How Much Power You Need

After working to reduce the amount of power you need, it’s time to calculate how much electricity you do need. This step actually isn’t that difficult. Simply look at every item in your home that uses electricity. Take the wattage ratings from each appliance and light, and then multiply it by the number of hours it runs each day.

For example, a fridge that requires 400Watts of power will run for about 8 hours (about 1/3 of the time) a day. This appliance uses 400 x 8 = 3200 Watt Hours of electricity every day. That 3.5 Watt LCD bulb that you run for 4 hours each night uses 3.5 x 4 = 14 Watt Hours of electricity every day. If an appliance doesn’t have a wattage rating on its label, you can get the watts needed using OHM’s law; P=E*I (Watts = Voltage x Amps).

Create a list and repeat this step for every item in your home that uses electricity.

Step 3 – Build Your Solar Power System

Once you know how many watt hours of electricity you use each day it’s time to build your solar panels, and convert your home. If in step 2 you determined that you need 10000 Watt Hours (10 kilo-Watt Hours) of electricity, then you need to build enough solar panels to suit.

Assuming that the sun shines for 8 hours of the day, it would take about 13, 100 Watt solar panels to produce that much energy. Building the solar panels yourself is the least expensive solution. According to Science Daily, a 100 Watt solar panel cost $1150 on average in 2008. You can build that same panel yourself for around $150.

In this step there may be other considerations. For a grid-intertied solution, where you also have power from the grid, building 13 panels and having them wired to power your home directly is a suitable solution. When the sun shines you’ll be running your home off solar energy alone, and when it doesn’t, any additional electricity needs are taken care of by the power grid.

Where things get more complicated is when you want to go off-grid, or when you want to add a battery backup to your system. In this case you should consult with a DIY solar power guide. These guides include the information needed to make these additional calculations.

Step 4 – Have an Electrician Inspect and Wire it into Your Home

Whether you buy your solar panels or build them yourself, you should have a qualified electrician do the final wiring into your home. This may cost you a few dollars extra, but in some places it’s the law, and even if it isn’t an electrician is qualified to deal with the 240Volt wires coming into your home.

There is a definite danger doing this step yourself. Also, if you did build your own solar power system, the electrician will be able to do a final inspection to ensure all of your wiring is up to code.

After you have your system wired into your home, you’re now finished with your conversion to solar power. With just basic maintenance you can expect to enjoy renewable energy, and cheaper power bills, for years to come.

John O’ryan works as a builder/installer of Solar Power solutions. He also runs a site that helps others choose the right solutions to go green and save. You can read more about how to convert to solar or wind power on his solar and wind power blog.

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Exercises to Lose Weight – Easy, Effortless and Fun

Reformer pilates Manly can help you tone your arms, legs and core whilst improving posture and flexibility. Walking is the best known exercise that requires the least amount of effort but there is yet another fun and easy to do activity that is much less talked about. The benefits it brings are huge, from eliminating undue stress and strengthening every cell in the body to shedding unwanted fat and weight.

This activity is a dream come true for all of us who struggle with lack of time to travel to a gym, lack of space to devote to complex and bulky fitness machines and quite frankly for those of us without the willingness to exert our bodies with strenuous movements.

A healthy diet will always be a must for a sustained weight loss and balanced diet menu should be a goal to achieve for any athlete. But whether you are an athlete needing to keep your body strong or a person who wants to lose weight or maintain it,  there is a great exercise which will benefit everybody. 

It requires a small tool or equipment which is generally known as mini trampoline, the proper name of which is a rebounder.  This tool is generally considered a fun devise for kids to jump on. Not everybody would think of it as being a very useful, easy to use and fun thing that it really is. Before you dismiss it out of your mind and start looking for something else, please consider reading on until the end of this short article.

If rebounder exercise was a little more complicated or caused more discomfort it would probably be more popular. In a world of torturing, time consuming exercise programs the simplicity of the physical requirements you need to keep in shape will shock you. Good benefits can be derived even by doing nothing but sitting on the rebounder while another person is jumping on it. This is very useful for incapacitated people to get their work out just by being present.

For healthy people the ease of obtaining huge exercise benefits by doing next to nothing is stunning. Just by gently rocking up and down on the rebounder mat, without your feet ever leaving the mat surface, every muscle and every cell in your body will receive exercise which will benefit and strengthen them. This is very exciting and significant. Instinctively and intuitively children know this without realizing it. They love to jump on a sofa or a bed just for fun.

What is the great benefit of this kind of rebounding exercise? While vertically moving up and down there are three forces at play exerting pressure on every muscle and cell in our body and thus exercising them. These forces are: the force of gravity, the force of acceleration  and the force of deceleration. The common denominator of all exercises is opposition to the gravitational pull of the earth.

On a rebounder when moving up and down the 1G force which is there by just standing still will be increased by adding acceleration as you move up and by adding deceleration at the bottom of the bounce. Even if your feet never leave the mat as you gently rock up and down the G force will thus be increased by 25 per cent. When you get beyond this incredibly gentle and effortless exercise and allow your feet to leave the mat the G force increase that your body will be exercised with will go up markedly.

Bouncing on a rebounder stresses and thus exercises every cell over and over about one hundred times per minute. Every cell will begin to adjust to a greater G force and in that manner will become stronger. You may ask yourself why oppose gravity and thus exercise with only one part of your body, which happens when you do push ups, pull ups, leg lifts and so on, when you are able to oppose gravity increased by acceleration and deceleration with every part of your body.

You can exercise every part of your body simply by using a rebounder. To start with it won’t feel like exercise at all. It is great fun to do while listening to music. Do it just for the length of one song and you’ll benefit immensely already. Start slow and with short time intervals. Gradually increase the time and jump height as you get stronger. Effortless exercise can be yours and you will have a rebounder exercise fun.

Vance Sova

There is a never ending quest for health and a simple and true path to it. There are many questions we have and even more conflicting answers. The growing numbers of people with a weight problem is alarming. Find an open-minded approach to finding solutions regarding healthy diet, exercise, weight loss and anything that may help you keep in good shape and health. Sometimes even one point we overlooked for a long time may improve our condition when implemented.

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