Abstract Paintings and Digital Art Innovation

Over the evolution of human life, painting has been one of the activities that have been carried forward with every passing generation. What started with a simple representation of daily life in the caves, has now transformed into using the digital space to create awesome artwork. Tv storyboard present the visual image of what the viewer will be looking at on screen, whether it’s a television set, a movie theater screen or a computer monitor.

Since the early ages painting was always inspired by landscapes, imaginary thoughts on nature and human beings. Many great painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gough, Michelangelo, etc. brought back the glory of painting to life. But these paintings are usually considered traditional rather than abstract.

Over the years, through many innovations in the thought process and in painting technology, many have started the art of digital and abstract paintings.

An Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Simply speaking, abstract art does not contain a definite form representing the subject, but uses various geometrical shapes to create the subject instead.

Abstract art may be both monochrome or multicolored. Let us speak about colorful abstract paintings. Out of the many types of colorful abstract paintings, abstract watercolor paintings are one of the difficult techniques that requires good amount of practice and precision.

One who does abstract watercolor paintings must follow a few simple techniques to get a good output. These techniques include 4 major steps

  • Prepping the surface
  • Applying an underpainting
  • Establishing forms
  • Creating dominance

Overall the emergence of abstract painting has taken over the world and is still continuing to hold art lovers in awe. One of the most notable abstract painters is Pablo Picasso.

The Digital Revolution

Technology is rising every day with mind blowing innovations taking place. The area of art has seen many technological advancements, especially in the digital arena. Art has seen tremendous advancement through digital media.

Digital painting has become a trend today and has partially taken over the art of traditional painting. Artists are turning towards instruments like a waccom to create digital paintings. Also, they are extensively using smart phone applications to create visual beauties of art.

The foray into digital space also saw a change in how people purchase art pieces. Traditionally, people would buy art pieces on canvas, but now they opt for digital art prints due to their longer durability and shelf life and affordability.

Due to this invention, more people are coming forward to buy art for decoration and investment. This advancement has given more artists the scope to innovate and experiment with their style of painting in both abstract and traditional styles.

Digital Photo Frames

The usage of digital photo frames has made photography immensely more beautiful. These devices display photos without the need of printing them. They also make the photos look brighter and sharper due to the high resolution of the display screen.

The bottom line

Evolution and innovation happens in every field, also these innovations are not exclusive but help in making life easier for people across different spectra of lives. This article will give you a direction of what storyboard is all about.