11 Best Digital Signs To Improve Your Business


Digital signs are a great way to market your business. They offer flexibility and can be used to advertise new products, sales, specials, or any other information you want to display. Digital signage is affordable, easy-to-set up and change, and it can be placed almost anywhere — from airports to stadiums. But which type should you choose? Here are 11 of our favorites:

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Digital billboard

Digital billboards are a form of outdoor advertising that allows you to convey your message to passing pedestrians and vehicles. They can be found in many public places, including busy intersections, parking lots, and especially high-traffic roads. These signs typically have large displays and bright colors. They’re often used as part of larger campaigns like product launches or seasonal sales events.

Digital billboards serve as a convenient way for advertisers to reach people at home or on the go who may not have time to watch television commercials during prime-time hours but still want up-to-date information about their favorite brands or products (like sports games). The cost of renting one is usually much lower than other forms of advertising because they don’t require any manpower once they’re set up; all you need is internet access!

Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards are an effective way to market your business and can be used to display special offers, new menus and more. You may already have a board at your restaurant, bar or cafe with the day’s specials on it. But did you know that digital menu boards can be used for so much more?

They’re perfect for promoting events such as happy hour or brunch, or even as a tool for advertising upcoming live entertainment at your venue. A digital menu board is also a great way to keep customers informed about upcoming events in downtown areas, especially if you’re located close to one of these areas.

LED window displays

LED window displays are a great way to advertise your business. These signs have become popular in recent years, as they’re cost-effective, easy to update and versatile.

They’re also good for catching the attention of potential customers who are passing by on the street or walking past your shop window.

LED signs

LED signs are a great way to get your message across. They’re easy to read, even from a distance, making them ideal for airports and other busy areas. LED signs are durable and long-lasting, so you can count on them for years of use. Plus, they’re energy efficient—a major benefit if you want to save money on power bills.

LED signs are versatile: they work well indoors or outdoors, which makes them perfect for any business that operates in different environments (e.g., restaurants with drive-thru windows). Their sleek design also means they won’t detract from the appearance of your business as much as other types of signage might!

Time and temperature displays

A digital sign displaying the time and temperature is a great way to display information that people may want to know. For example, they can be used in airports and train stations to let travelers know how much time they have left before their flight or train departs. They can also be used in businesses such as restaurants and retail stores by displaying a customer’s order number when it’s ready.

Internal signage systems

Internal signage systems are used to communicate with employees. They are a great way to help them find things, such as conference rooms or restrooms, and they can also be used to display information about the business. Internal signage systems have been proven by multiple studies to improve employee engagement and productivity.

Here are some examples of internal signage systems:

  • A receptionist’s desk can be turned into an information center by using digital signs to broadcast company news, upcoming events or even the weather forecast. This will give visitors something interesting to look at while they wait in line, while also keeping the receptionist busy answering questions rather than just sitting behind their desk staring at their computer screen all day long!

Interactive touch displays

Touch displays are a popular option for businesses that need to take orders quickly. They can be used as a menu display, or provide information about the restaurant or hotel. Touch screens are easy to use and reliable, making them a good option for the hospitality industry.

If you’re looking for an interactive digital sign, touch displays might be right for you!

Video walls

Video walls are great for getting your message out. They are used in advertising and marketing, but they have also become very popular among consumers. In fact, video walls are used all over the world, from homes to offices to public spaces.

If you want your business to thrive, then a video wall is worth looking into.

Stand-alone kiosks

Stand-alone kiosks are a great way to market your business. They can be used to sell a product or service, direct customers to your business, and even promote a special event.

When choosing which kiosks are right for you, consider what kind of message you want to send. If you want to attract new customers in the area around your building, consider placing a large interactive screen outside so passersby can see it from far away. If you’re looking for something smaller but still visible from afar (and one that doesn’t take up too much space), try using one of our digital signs with built-in displays that run on battery power and offer multiple options for customization and design.

Mobile digital signs/vehicle wraps

Mobile digital signs are a cost-effective way to market your business. They are more efficient than static signs and can be used for a variety of marketing campaigns, such as sales promotions and events. Mobile digital signs can also be used for branding, which will help increase your brand awareness.

Outdoor LED signs/displays

LED signs are a great way to advertise your business and brand. They can be used in a variety of settings, including airports, train stations, shopping malls and more. LED signs are bright, clear and easy to read. They are also durable and weatherproof. Another benefit of LED signs is that they cost less than other types of signage like neon lights or LCD screens.

Digital signs are an effective way to market your business.

Digital signs are a great way to advertise your business. Digital signs can be used to promote sales, events and special offers. They can also be used to promote your brand, provide information about your business hours at different locations and much more.

A digital sign is an electronic display that changes its content based on inputs such as time of day or weather conditions. It’s an effective way to get your message across in a way that’s relevant, engaging and memorable!


The best digital signs are those that are customized to your business and unique needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so take the time to think about what will work best for your company and its audience.