Looking For The Best Charity Car Donation Program?

You might have an old car or vehicle, which you don’t use very often, just sitting on your property or on the street but you might want to donating to charity for people who need it the most. A car donation that is made to a most charities greatly benefits both the charity and the car donor. To answer a common question, in most cases a donated car or vehicle doesn’t have to run but it should be towable. And your vehicle must have all four tires inflated for them to accept it.

If the charity you’re considering doesn’t appear to welcome your questions and doesn’t provide good answers about where the proceeds from donations will go then you may want to think about making your car donation to a different charity.

You want to locate your title to the car before you call in your donation. Once you have the forms from the charity just fill them out and have them handy for the driver when he comes to tow the car or vehicle. In the new tax law, regarding the fair market value section, there are some exceptions, for example, you can base your deduction on the fair market value of the car or vehicle if the charity sells it to someone in need at a discounted price or if the charity uses the car as part of its charitable plan instead of selling it.

And if you itemize your income tax return then a vehicle donation is allowed. Also, if your car is running, think about dropping it off yourself with the charity to save them from paying for towing costs.

Cars are usually donated to the needy recipients directly or they are sold and the money is given away as part of the charities function. Vehicles that are not being used make very good donations, allowing people in great need to have a dependable means of transportation. In wear and tear, minor repairs and breakdowns, a vehicle owner could spend at least $3000 a year.

There are similar charitable donation laws in all other countries. Charities will usually provide you with a release of liability when they pick up your vehicle or you take it in, and after the car is sold, they provide you with a tax-deduction form that explains exactly much they received for it. Vehicles that need repair can be accepted provided the vehicle is fixable for less than what it would sell for.

One of the good exceptions to the new IRS tax regulations allows donors to still deduct the fair market value of their vehicle, provided the charity does improve the vehicle materially. The “blue book” guides are used to show the average resale prices based on the model and year of your car or vehicle. The charitable organization uses any profit they receive from your vehicle to help fund their specific causes.

Regardless of the tax laws, it’s a good idea to protect yourself by having good insurance coverage on your vehicle right up until it is donated. Donating will eliminate the need of paying for advertising for you vehicle, there’s no loss of privacy and possible security risk from potential buyers who answer your ads and no need to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, and minor or major repairs to keep your car in running condition while you look for a buyer. Some charities that run their own donation program instead of hiring a car donation program broker or middleman are discriminating about which vehicles they will accept, repair and materially improve. They generally sell most of the vehicles at retail prices.

For the states that require getting smog or safety inspection certificates, you can donate your vehicle without any of these documents. In some cases charitable car donors can still claim the fair market value for their vehicle. Typically the vehicle is marketed by the charity and sold to a buyer in who is in need of a good used vehicle.

In the past you could deduct the fair market value of the car at the time of the deduction – but not any more. Charities look at car donations from both the point of view of the donor of the car, and themselves as the charity receiving it.

Picking the best charity for your car donation can be very overwhelming and you want to make sure your choice is the best choice for you. Major charity car donation programs include: the Salvation Army, the Purple Heart Car Donation Program and the Jewish Car Donation Program. So go ahead and donate your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle or even your aircraft today and enjoy a nice vehicle donation tax deduction on your next income tax return.

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Selling Your Used Car, 6 Things That Could Cost You Real Money

Whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or just trying to clean out the garage for some extra cash, selling a used car yourself is a great way to put a little more cash in your pocket than restoring it using paint protection. While you could spend years learning to sell cars professionally, with a few key points and a couple free weekends you can easily do it yourself. The experience might even help you save a little money if you decide to buy a used car for your next ride or as a fun side project.

Check Used Car Prices

This is an easy enough step, but the key is to be thorough. Don’t just look up the book value, take a look at your local newspaper and other classifieds, or look at online auction sites to see what people are actually willing to pay. You may be surprised, rare cars, like the late nineties Toyota Supra, regularly sell for well over their book value, more common cars, like the late nineties Ford Taurus, often sell for less. When you know what buyers are willing to pay, you can set your asking lower for a quick sale, or set a higher price that’s still realistic.

Make Small Repairs

Over the years a lot of little things can go wrong with even the best cars, and a lot more with cheap ones. When you first bought the car you would be quick to fix any little blemishes, since you still felt pride of ownership. Once you’ve grown accustom to the car and newer models begin to come out, it gets easier to let little things go, but leaving small problems unattended can cost you hundreds when selling your used car, or even blow the deal entirely. Used car buyers tend to be well informed and will have probably looked at a few other cars already, don’t give any reason not to buy your used car.

The other pitfall used car sellers are often guilty of is over-repair. For instance, a new paint job will certainly make any used car look brand new, but at a cost $1,500 or more, it’s unlikely you will make that money back. Also, avoid the temptation to use cheap “patch fixes” to keep the car running when it is in need of serious repair, the last thing you need is an angry buyer coming back threatening to take legal action. Many used car buyers are mechanics or car collectors who look at making repairs as a hobby, and don’t mind buying a used car with problems for a slight break on the price.

Wash and Vacuum

If you have been regularly cleaning, washing and maintaining your used car, then congratulations, your hard work and discipline will soon pay off, if you’ve been too busy to wash the car every few weeks, now is the time to start. While it may not be economical to get a new paint job for your used car, a good wash and wax can work wonders. Car wax not only acts as a protective barrier between the cars paint and the elements, but it’s clear sheen, similar to clear coat, makes faded paint look almost brand new.

Next is the car’s interior, remember when the potential buyer sits down in a used car they are going to imagine what driving it everyday will be like, and no one wants to imagine driving everyday in a dusty used car filled with water bottles and fast food wrappers. If you only have five minutes the two most important things are taking out any trash or personal items, your selling the car not your old CD collection, and vacuuming. If you have more time use some window cleaner on the glass, while you can use it on the dashboard and other interior items if you’re in a hurry, but the best practice is to use a purpose made car interior cleaner, available in car part store and convenient stores.

Try Free Used Car Classifieds

There many great ways to sell your used car online or in print, but unless you’re selling a rare or hard to find car, it’s best to list your used car in a free classified ad service. Even if it doesn’t sell you will at least get an idea of how interested potential buyers are, what features they want and how much they’re willing to pay.

Know the Highs and Lows of Your Used Car

The key to easy negotiating is to being prepared for any questions about your used car before they come up. Your research on the cars price should have turned up some information on common problems with your make/model used car. Most of these problems are usually found only in the earlier models though, as the newer ones have had all the “bugs” worked out. In many cases a well informed used car buyer will already expect these issues and if you have a particular model they have been looking for specifically, they may overlook those issues altogether. For any other problems with your used car the best policy is to be informed. If you decided not to fix something yourself, have a good repair shop give you an estimate of the repair cost. This way when the trouble spot comes up in discussion you won’t have to discount the price any more than necessary. Also, remember to keep things on a positive note, have a list of extra features or recent repairs and upgrades. That way every time the buyer mentions a problem, after explaining it, you can redirect their attention to some positive aspect of your used car.

A Few Final Tips

Obviously there’s quite a lot to keep track of when selling a used car yourself and all of it is important, however, there are also a few little things that are well worth remembering. First and foremost: have a way back. If you’re meeting a potential buyer on the other side of town, have a friend drive out with you or waiting for you to call. If possible, try to show the car closer to where you live, ideally you could just walk home. Second, remember to bring the car’s title, if you don’t keep it in the glovebox, and a pen to sign it with. Last bring a screwdriver, usually flat-head, to remove the license plate, unless you like paying for other people’s traffic tickets. And remember to lighten up, you’re selling a used car, not negotiating international finance, and there’s no reason to put up with rude or pushy buyers.

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Top Reasons to Have Your Car Regularly Serviced

Dual action polisher comes with 3 different pads that are best suited for different areas depending on the job at hand. It is a great idea to make your vehicle clean regularly to erase the perceptions of people living in the society. Regular maintenance or servicing not only make your vehicle neat and tidy, but also provide complete enjoyment while driving. However, there are many other reasons to obtain the services of detailing. Customers may get additional benefits from car services Perth companies which can be advantageous for long-term.

Greater Resale value:

By the regular service, people in Perth may experience higher resale value of their vehicle. The neatness delivered at the time of servicing gives the impression that your vehicle has been cared regularly. You can achieve a high resale value for your 4 wheeler from the potential buyers through proper vehicle maintenance. If the car looks untidy, then it will force the buyer to think that the car has not undergone the maintenance process by the owner.

Forever finishing of Paint:

Proper care of an exterior of your vehicle is required for the great looks. You cannot neglect the appearance of the exterior. Regular finish is essential to keep the paint fresh and away from scratches. Simply washing the exterior will not protect the paint finish. Car services Perth also involves wax or paint polish that will hide minor scratches and create great finish.

Odour Removal:

People usually eat or drink in the four wheeler and this leads to the untidiness in the car due to spilled drinks and pieces of food. This leads to the growth of bacteria in the car which later produces smell and bad odour. A good servicing will remove all the stains of drinks and stale food while making your car fresh and clean.

Development of New car feeling:

Long journey forces you to spend more time in the car. Fresh feeling is essential to spend several hours. A thorough car detailing can bring back clean, tidy and fresh appearance with a new car feeling. This will make your driving experience more pleasurable.

All the manufacturers suggest servicing to increase the lifespan of the car. This will also increase lifespan of the paint and interior of the car. Many car manufacturers recommend regular detailing and servicing. Perth motorists may be surprised by the effects of servicing on their vehicle. Older vehicles can get a fresh life span from servicing. New cars can maintain their appearance with the regular servicing.